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My name is Barbara Ling, and I've been a mover and shaker on the Internet since 1988. Author of over 20 books and ebooks online, I have been reviewed or noted by such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, The Fordyce Letter and more.

Owlbert is my dashing cartoon alter-ego.  :-)

Briefly, I teach Internet enthusiasts and entrepreneurs the art of increasing knowledge and profits via taking advantage of all the wealth the Internet currently offers.

  • Q: Why Choose My Research?
  • A: Because I specialize in turning "technical" or "confusing" into "simple" into "profitable".

Why choose me? Because I not only educate...I motivate as well.

Contrary to what some businesses would like you to believe, mastering the Internet or honing your personal edge does not require sizeable investments. All that's needed is a guided pass; simple 1-2-3 instructions on how to best ferret out the information desired. As you'll see from the testimonials, both my seminars and books do exactly that.

But it doesn't stop there...knowledge is useless unless it is applied. How many times have audiences failed to internalize messages because the messenger droned them to sleep or didn't understand their true goals?

That's where I shine. Great books, seminars or talks don't consist of just the information itself...they live on in the readers' and attendees' thoughts long after they have gone home. They motivate. They educate. And they transfer key salient concepts to the listeners.


My business and personal accomplishments and credentials are many and include:

  • Crafting the product eBay Search Profits within two weeks and seeing it receive rave reviews from all the top auction professionals online
  • Coaching many business and personal colleagues on how to achieve their personal and business goals in rapid fashion
  • Single-handedly creating and presenting to thousands of recruiters/HR the dynamic content for the RISE Internet e-recruiting seminars. The time required from concept to delivery of the first official seminar in Toronto (including content, workbooks, CDROM, laminations and more) was merely three short months. Extremely successful, I have conducted dozens of workships around the country.
  • Speaking at companies including:
    • Deloitte Touche
    • Campbell Soup
    • Continental Airlines
    • The American Chemistry Society
    • The Society of Human Resources, Mid-Atlantic Region
    • The Society of Human Resources, Granite State
    • The Society of Human Resources, Massachussetts
    • The Association of Legal Professionals
  • Originating of the concept Becoming The Recruiter Of Choice. I've correctly forecasted several recruiting trends, and am constantly called upon for interviews and customized seminars
  • Being a columnist for several publications including The Boston Herald
  • Authoring of the self-published bestselling book on Internet Recruiting, The Internet Recruiting Edge. Currently in its 6th edition, it is the only resource to be awarded 5 stars from Inc. magazine in its field when it debuted.
  • Being mentioned in Inc newsletters by the following tag - When Barbara Ling Talks, We Listen.
  • Creating three Internet newsgroups including comp.text.interleaf, rec.pets.birds and att.xksh

My over a decade of employment at firms like AT&T, Lucent and IBM as a Internet consultant, lead unix systems administrator and systems engineer have taught me effective problem-solving techniques that greatly benefit my research. I have been profiled in many publications and sites, including Monster.com. Additionally, my years of educating others how to use their software and environments have enabled me to teach in an easy, informative fashion that emphasizes creativity instead of rote activity.

I love training and teaching. And that just comes out in my works and motivational seminars.

Enjoy my testimonials for my various books below.

    "I gave up on search engines long ago - too complex, too time consuming or so I believed. But, Barbara's new package, Ebay Search Profits, has opened my eyes to all kinds of exciting new possibilities because Barbara really understands search engines. She proves it again and again by showing her top rated google pages for such products as Star Wars memorabilia, glass chess sets and "Betty Boop" items. Most impressive to me was when she put together an affiliate link for my Auction Genius Course and positioned in on the front page of important google keywords in only THREE DAYS! All auction sellers take note: we have much to learn from Barbara Ling."

    -- Sydney Johnston, author Make Your Net Auction Sell http://www.auction-genius-course.com

    Barbara Ling's third book in her series "The Way of the Rich Hermit" is an absolute winner.

    Barbara is a natural teacher! Her writing is fun, straight forward and right on target. Her latest book "Beginners Make Money Cookbook" is a gem. Step by Step she leads her reader through the ins and outs of internet marketing.

    I don't know how Barbara does it - she has concocted recipes that actually work. The Beginners Make Money Cookbook gives you a complete recipe (marketing plan) for the most popular ways to make money online. From ingredients needed to resources to learn, Barbara has put together an amazing starting point for both beginners and strugglers with this ebook!

    Unless you are already making the money you dream of making, Barbara Ling offers you everything you need to do it right - right now.

    -- Tammy Ames, WAHM Connections

    Barbara - It's simple common sense. The more quality traffic you have coming to an ad or an offer, the more sales that will be made. Barbara's ebook Ebay Search Profits reveals the simple steps that anyone can take to draw more quality traffic to their eBay ads by using proven search engine techniques. Best of all, not only can they lead to more eBay sales but they can be used to bring free targeted traffic to any URL! In my humble opinion, this ebook is on the cutting edge and those who invest in it will reap great rewards. Kudos Barbara!

    -- Jim Wilson, author Auction Hints II http://www.auctionhints.com

    Barbara- I thought I'd heard it all when it came to online auction promotions. I was wrong. You have uncovered some very powerful concepts and spelled them out in black and white for everyone from newbie to auction pro. Congrats on a very professional and powerful product. I review about 5 books per week pertaining to online auctions and yours is the best I've seen in months. That's the truth.

    Jim Cockrum author-"The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" http://www.SilentSalesMachine.com

    Hi Barbara, I have to say this is one of the best eBooks that I have came across regarding eBay in a long time. I often find myself skimming through the reviews that I do for the lack of time, not yours, I was reading word for word and I hadn't made it out of the introduction. It's great to see a fresh addition into the world of eBay How-To products, and with your real world style I can see that you really know your stuff. I will be recommending this eBook to all my members. Thanks for a great resource.

    -- Scott D Prock The Powerseller Report http://www.tprweb.com

    Hey Barbara, I just got done reading your new eBook eBay Search Profits. What an interesting way for ANYBODY to boost their online auction income!

    I like the examples of your sites that have high search engine rankings. No fluff...just simple techniques! I'll definitely be putting this to use ASAP. Also, thanks for the over 2,000 links you included as a bonus...they are so valuable! I just imported them into my Internet Explorer and they were all categorized very nicely.

    -- Karol Gajda, author Free Auction Profits http://www.FreeAuctionProfits.com

    "RISE has proven to be a reliable, innovative and dynamic resource to the many members of Recruiters OnLine Network. RISE has an understanding and grasp of the Recruiting Process has helped our members keep ahead of the curve and as the net continues to evolve we see Barbara Ling playing a key role in maintaining our members leadership role. She is an industry treasure." -- Bill Vick, Recruiters Online

    "Barbara's expertise has directly resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of increased revenue at our firm." - Bob Larson, President, Berman and Larson

    "I thought you did a great job in Atlanta today. I admire the passion you show for your work and passion can always be found in the details. I wish you great success in all your endeavors." - Trée George

    "Barbara, just a brief note to express our appreciation for your training last week in Philadelphia.

    Until we spent the day with you, we thought we knew how to finesse our way around the Internet and all of its search engines. Your methods are simple to understand and easy to follow. We just need to apply what you taught!

    You definitely provided all of the ingredients along with the recipe!

    You made a point to cover all the information while making sure no questions were left unanswered!

    Your presentation flowed very smooth; even someone like me, with limited knowledge of the Internet, was able to leave the seminar with an entirely different viewpoint of how to take advantage of the many sites out there. Now we know how to find them, how to maneuver through and around them and how to find valuable information.

    As we continue to expand and add additional researchers we will either have you come in for a personal session or have them attend one of your upcoming seminars.

    Thanksfor the help!"

    -- Rick Slifka Director of Recruiting Lyons Pruitt International, Ltd.

    "THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was wonderful. Barbara is obviously brilliant, and I learned a lot. I am now trying to process it all and integrate it into my business.

    I will highly recommend RISE to everyone I know interested in internet recruiting. Let me know when the next Atlanta seminar is going to take place and I will be happy to recruit participants for you.

    Thanks again....

    Best regards, Carol Monroe MONROE & ASSOCIATES

    "...a warm, dynamic workshop that kept me awake and wanting to learn more." -- Orlando Attendee

    "... the process of searching fits us as it does anyone in the recruiting industry.

    Now that I have said that, let me share with you that I received on Monday the 17th a call from a long time client saying they needed a System Administrator for their 95 workstation WAN and they needed the person immediately. Using your training material I pulled over 900 resumes in less than three hours and ALL WERE FREE. I emailed about 150 over the next 24 hours and sent three resumes to the client. All this was done in less than three days!! All three were accepted by the client and interviews are set up for Monday the 24th. I expect one of them to he hired by Tues. The fee will be just shy of 20K" -- Pamela Gotham, Anchor Associates

    "First, let me say that I am impressed by your computer skills; however, I am in awe of your ability to take the technical information and make it English. Teaching is your true gift.

    I took our top candidate sourcing specialist to the Rise seminar and the results were immediate and measurable. Within 24 hours we found two perfect candidates for a J.O. that had eluded us for over two months. -- Seattle Attendee

    "I've been to other, popular Internet recruiting training where the instructors just taught by rote. Your passion for the subject came out and kept me wanting to learn more and more. And I'm not even interested in computers" -- Attendee from NYC

    "Hi Barbara, just a quick note to let you know how delighted I was with the information that I learned at here in Toronto and how useful I know it is going to be to Maizis and Miller Consultants. I thought that I knew how to utilize the internet from a recruiting perspective however after attending my eyes were opened to a broad new range of possibilities to help Maizis and Miller Consultants attract top talent for our clients in this tight labour market.

    Many Thanks

    Ron Maizis, Maizis And Miller"

    "Great information, very valuable! I was impressed from start to finish" - Future Executive Personnel

    "Enjoyed the lecturer - Found this presentation to be a much-needed tool to get me up and running on the Internet" - Rosse & Associates

    "Fantastic seminar - very informative!" - The Anthony Group"

    ...I really enjoyed the seminar and was very impressed by the fact that I was still wide awake at the end. Barbara was able to effectively answer any questions asked." - Progressive Staffing

    "I learned a lot of things I didn't know about search engines; also got great tips for improving my web site." - A+ Personnel

    "...Technology aside, it's all about creating valuable, long-term relationships...right on target."

    "I was very happy to find it was not just another seminar to push product/services, disguised as an information source - Barbara is very knowledgeable" - Richardson

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