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When your parakeet gets loose, get the word out.

This is one reason why I always clip my parakeets' wings.  If flighted parakeets gets outside, there's a chance they will be so frightened (or caught by wind gusts) that they'll end up miles away. 

So!  Here are steps to follow.

Spread The Word

1.)  Fill out the enclosed Lost Budgie form.

2.)  Tack up that form in all of your vet locations, pet store locations, supermarkets, etc.

3.)  Post your lost parakeet details at:

Read The Following

There are some excellent resources to help you recover your bird.  They include:

Check Craigslist and Local Newspapers

Craigslist has a section for lost and found - it's under "Community" and is called "Lost and Found."  Visit Craigslist, browse to your state/section, and then click on Lost and Found.  Advertising there is free.

You can also look thru your paper's local lost and found as well.  OnlineNewspapers.com has direct listings to thousands of them.

Wow, you've read quite a lot of great stuff regarding budgies and you're well on the way to becoming a superb budgie owner!  There's just one more topic I'd like to touch upon before letting you loose in the wonderful world of parakeet goodies, and that is:

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Parakeets/budgies/keets/etc. are NOT disposable birds!  Please do your research before choosing to share your life with one of these wonderful birdies..

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