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Parakeet communities rock!

One of the most wonderful aspects of the Internet is the ability to network with other people who share your passion and loves. 


Did you know that tons and tons of parakeet forums and communities and mailing lists and bulletin boards and kitchen sinks await you?

I kid you not!  But before you dive into these super resources, please first read all the forums rules (they're always on the main page of any group) and remember, you're a guest.  Post often and become a valued voice!


The above are excellent all-around budgie forums.  Did you know that there are also organizations and clubs for budgie fanciers as well?  Consider:

If you cannot find a club in your area, consider posting to the forums listed above and ask if anyone has any suggestions for you.

Now, what should you do with all of the above information?  Well, I've always said that nobody knows everything (except my mom, of course), but everyone knows at least something!  Put all of those "somethings" together, and you have a great resource at hand.

Thus!  Explore the forums and associations.  Get a feel for what's required when choosing to share your life with a parakeet...don't be shy about asking questions. 

Ready to find your perfect budgie?  Wait!  Before doing that, you need to consider his or her living space.  What kind of cage?  What's the best size?  Where can you find great deals online?

Excellent questions!  Move smoothly to:

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More information

Parakeets/budgies/keets/etc. are NOT disposable birds!  Please do your research before choosing to share your life with one of these wonderful birdies..

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