The Ultimate Internet Parakeet is dedicated to the following individuals.

Nancy Weaver

Nancy Weaver was a tireless protector of parrots up until cancer took her from us in 2001.  She ran a sanctuary up in NJ and went out of her way to give the best life possible to the birdies under her care.

Nancy took care of my Yellow Collared Macaw when I had to give him up (due to his jealousy of my newborn children).  Angus had a great life there.  

Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson runs the rescue agency Foster Parrots up in MA.  My husband and I drove Angus and his mate, Stanley, up to this sanctuary when Nancy passed away.  It's an incredible place and Marc and his colleagues are incredible people.

Sir Rowen

Sir Rowen was a 1/2 English budgie who looked like a little tiny falcon.  One day at 3pm I noticed he was sitting quietly in his food dish....at 4pm he was gone.   To this day I don't know why - the results that came back showed no illness, no disease.   But he was a fine little birdie.

Sir Rowen

My Family

And of course, the Ultimate Internet Parakeet is dedicated to my family as well.  Truly wonderful, they are my reason for being.

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Parakeets/budgies/keets/etc. are NOT disposable birds!  Please do your research before choosing to share your life with one of these wonderful birdies..

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