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Parakeet rescue is a wonderful way to help deserving budgies.

Parakeets cannot help their attitudes if they're stuck in cages year after year and given no notable care.  Sure, they might be frightened of hands and the people to whom they're attached...but with lots and lots of patience and care, petrified birdies can become excellent companions.  And even if they never lose their fear, you can always provide a large cage and ample in-cage toys for rescued parakeets, and just enjoy their happy chatter and new life.

I currently have several rescued keets - one of them is fondly known as Land Pirahna.  Land Pirahna was kept in a cage for 3 years, 2 of them with a mate until the mate died, but he had never been allowed out.  I offered to take him and eventually integrated him within our flock; while he still is very nervous about people, he gets along quite well with my other keets.  I plan on rescuing others in the future.

Adopting budgies is a wonderful thing to do!  You're giving them a brand new life, one that they never knew was possible.

Here are some ways to find adoptable budgies.

Pet Finder

Pet Finder is a national registry for people/shelters to list their adoptable pets.  You specifiy your zip code and can search specifically for budgies.  Check out:


Many times parakeets are dropped off at local animal shelters if it's allowed.  Here's a link for you to search for shelters nearby you:

Parrot Sanctuaries and Rescues

Also investigate these resources:

Next, let's explore:

Local Newspapers

Sometimes people will advertise their parakeets as "free to a good home".  You can easily find all the local papers in your area by visiting

and browsing to your country/state/locale etc.  From there, visit the newspapers in question and search for their Classifieds listings for either Pets for Sale or  Misc. for Sale.

Now, rescuing/adopting budgies is a wonderful thing to do.  But what if you're on the other end - your parakeet got lost or stolen?  All is not lost....so let's now turn to:

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Parakeets/budgies/keets/etc. are NOT disposable birds!  Please do your research before choosing to share your life with one of these wonderful birdies..

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